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October Skies – Huntington Beach Airshow 2018

Usually, the United States is a country that loves everything related to the military world, and among which the aviation military parades, in which an airshow is carried out, with part of its fleet to commemorate something specific. In this case, it is the Huntington Beach airshow.

Huntington Beach Is a Magical Place

In Huntington Beach, the third aircraft sample will be made, on October 19, 20 and 21, by demonstrating a large part of the United States’ air fleet including the Douglas and the C47USAF Thunderbirds.

Besides, the Blackstone Airways, Michael Wiskus- Lucas Oil Aerobatics, Fed Ex 757, Orange County Sheriff’s Rescue Demo, and Huntington Beach PD rescue Demo, were also there at the event as an aircraft representative of this area of the country, helps society when natural disasters occur, very special aircraft sample for all the people who will observe it.

Thousands of People Are Expected

rio at the copacabana - October Skies - Huntington Beach Airshow 2018

It is expected that thousands of people attend to watch the show, since it is one of the favorite activities of the Americans because it is part of the military theme.

You can avoid the attending crowd bothering you if you have a boat since it will be on the coast and you can see the whole parade from the water. So, if you have the possibilities, it is also expected to start at noon, because it is an appropriate time to observe an air parade with sunlight at a good point.

For all this, it is recommended to go with protection for the sun and finally it is recommended to enjoy the show a lot.

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