The America’s Cup Review

The America’s Cup

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The last edition of the America’s Cup, the 35th edition made in the year 2017, was a great edition which left us many things to talk about, the first thing we can say is that it was made in the city of Hamilton in Bermuda, It involved 5 teams in which only 2 were left to participate in the round robin and reach the final, and we have all the gossip for you.

It all started on May 26, date in which the tie was made in which it would be decided which would be the challenging team to face the defender who was the winner of the previous edition (2013), the Golden Gate Yacht Club. All this, to achieve the final between the two boats, on June 17 and 28, so it would be a long and interesting cup.

In the round robin stage the defending team was able to compete, but only as a training session, they retired in the semifinals to let the Louis Vuitton Cup winner and the America’s Cup challenger team decides.

The Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing was a team that had an important participation in the qualifying stage achieving two points of advantage while the defending team came to the competition with a point of advantage for having previously participated in the Challengers Cup qualifying.

5 teams participated in the round robin, in which they had a great fight and became a pitched battle between all the teams, the defending team also participated but withdrew to leave the other teams in a decision and they could choose their contender, a point was awarded to each team that won each race.

But at the end of the confrontations, they eliminated 10 yachts from each team, in the first one it was a French yacht, giving way to the celebration of the Challenger Playoffs among the 4 best challengers.

It was agreed that a point would be given to the first two yachts placed in the classification, in this edition were the British team of Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing and a point in favor of the defender, Oracle Team USA, all this was decided in the first meeting before the realization of the cup.

For the final part there were some Playoffs between the teams that were between them about 9 yachts and one extra, the finals were played between 4 and 12 of June, something curious is that the winner would receive two cups that would be the Louis Vuitton and Herbert Pell.