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Race Village – What You Need to Know about It

The Race Village experience, a race sponsored by Volvo, in which hundreds of boats participate around the world demonstrating the power of their big boats with their fast engines on the coasts of a specific city, which has not yet been chosen by the Organizer committee.

But to be a great career has great expectations of lovers of the world of motor, and like every great guy who has had several years, there are different things that any career assistant should know.

Pits Everywhere

boats on parking - Race Village - What You Need to Know about It

One of those things is that all teams with their boats have pits, placed in the ports of the city chosen to make the race. But this year, the pits are built with the highest technology so that we can repair and address any problems to be present with the boats during the event.

This year there will be a small race mode for fans to enjoy a race driving a small boat in the city, to give fans a perspective of what each team does during a great race like this one.

Towers Giving Signal

lighthouse on shore - Race Village - What You Need to Know about It

In the host city, you can find four towers designated with the highest technology with classification tables showing how the race is going at the moment they see the table live, besides you will see that local events are available so you can enjoy them as well. You can also see a 3D map of the race so you know which circuit corresponds to each day.

The teams in each of its bases have a large room where fans can see and learn all day as a team moves on a boat or how they talk and runners are planned before and after each race. All this experience is called Pit Lane, something new to be implemented this year.

It’s Possible to Visit the Boats before Betting on Them

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Fans can enter the boats during their stay in the city, while the boat is docked at the dock, all this is done so that the fans feel more included during the realization of these events and always at all times are comfortable with what is being done.

By watching first-hand all the details of the boat and its crew, it’s possible to build a play bet with all the information gathered, and win some money basing yourself on stats, as any sports betting system does.

In the heart of the race you will find a “Globo” in which between each race you can go and you can see the race from there, besides being able to learn a little more about an awareness campaign announced by the organizing committee that tries to generate a good work trying to show attendees certain tips that would help take care of the planet a little more.

This great event promises to generate a lot of excitement and much enjoyment to its assistants, so any lover of water motor vehicles would like to attend this race, which is expected to attend 2.4 million people, so you should go and enjoy this beautiful event.

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