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The Most Important Regatta – Sailing for the Royals

There are thousands of boats, yachts, and regattas in the world, but very few are those who move around the world personalities, which use this type of vehicle, to move from one place to another and at the same time enjoy the sea and small vacation while you reach the desired destination.

In this case, we talk about The Royal Regatta, a regatta that is part of the fleet of royal ships of the United Kingdom, which is used by the kings to travel and vacation in them.

The Fleet Dates Back From The 1800s

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Its construction dates from the 1890s, it was mainly placed as a sports boat of the time, introduced as a regatta in the year 1896 in the first modern Olympic games, all this made it a very desirable and beautiful boat for the time, so that the kings took it for their personal fleet from that moment to the present, always working as a faithful transport on the sea.

In this beautiful regatta the royalty has spent great moments during all these years, these great ship are usually used during the Olympic Games around the world, so it has known much of the world.

The Kings Are Always There For a Day

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In this regatta the kings stay for the day, even within it they deliver medals to certain athletes of certain categories in specific, for example in 2012 King Constantine II of Greece handed the gold, silver and bronze medals to the winning athletes of the laser sailing race.

That same year, the kings of England, observed the final of the race of the Paralympics Games of the same year, were accompanied by the kings Constantine, Vice Admiral Laurence, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, and Princess Anne attended the Race of the Medal of Men Finn in a candle, where they also gave the medal to the winners.

Medals Were Given To the Princes

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The Princes at the time of receiving the command of the ship, also received a medal to commemorate this moment, the medal is the order of the dragon of navigation, which is a medal that is part of the Olympic Committee for what is an international medal that represents the navigation all over the world.

The royal families of all Europe have used this boat, either for a holiday, as transport to go mostly for the Olympic Games around the world, the monarchies of Germany, Wales, Switzerland, Britannia, among other large countries have used yachts.

King Olav V Asked For Permission to Use One of the Yachts

The United Kingdom, lend the ship to the Norwegian royal family, specifically to King Olav V, who used the ship to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928, in which his nephew and heir to the former King George were in charge.

Many members of this family also attended Vela events but they were in the years 1964, 1968 and 1972, in other ships, and until now the king’s nephews participated in the Olympic Games of London 2012.

The Spanish family also participates in sailing events, also obtaining the Dragon Class in the 1972 Olympic Games, involving two sons of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.

The famous royal regatta has been an iconic ship for the world of European navigation, for all the wonderful history it has had over the years, is currently active after more than 100 years of its construction, so it is a ship that over the years has been restored, there are many more ships in the world, researching a little more you can know about them.

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