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Burn Those Tickets – 4 Facts about the LVACWS

If you really like luxuries, you are a hard-core fan of waves, and you’d like to travel this year with all your family and they want to have different things to do in a completely new country thus you cannot miss the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series.

You can enjoy the amazing races through these performances full of stylishness like those of Louis Vuitton since a bunch of years ago.

Louis Vuitton Made It All Happen

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Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World is a series of high-performance yachts racing which takes place in different lakes with the freshest waters all over the world where sailors excel their abilities on water and waves. A spectacle using talent up that we can be amazed at, for sure.

Among freshwaters around the world, it is Lake Michigan the one chosen to be the first area hosting America’s Cup racing. Chicago’s lakefront has a lot to offer us with its amazing view and freshwater, giving us a delighting viewing of the races.

Chicago Was Selected

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Chicago is renowned as the Windy City, wind helps the sailors but at the same time can play against them, and it really depends on how strong the currents of wind are, because if it is a slight breeze the spectators can enjoy a delicious climate, as well, a slight breeze in winter can easily become a tornado and it would be really dramatic.

It All Started Back In The 1800s

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Once upon in time, in 1851, Queen Victoria was watching one of the sailing races when suddenly a sailing ship named America took the lead on the Royal Yacht being in first place and winning the race.

In front of such a surprising thing, Queen Victoria called one of her assistants to tell her who was in second place, the answer she got was: “Your Majesty, there is no second place”.

This remarkable phrase is still the best description of the America’s Cup and it strongly emphasizes the looking forward to the excellence and almost perfection of the Louis Vuitton America’s World Cup final result.

Big Goals

This big achievement was more than just a race, was a perfect demonstration that the United States could give more and even win the Royal Yacht Squadron’s 100 Guinea Cup.

Nevertheless, it was a big step for the young New York Yacht Club to the world recognizes them as one of the most important sailors in the world, adding that the triumph symbolized an enormous victory for new times over the old ones.

They were taken a stance as a maritime power since then, and of course like a stack of winners who have positioned themselves in the history for the rest of the times, thanks to their effort and commitment over years.

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