2 Facts about Volunteer the magnificent Yacht 675x440 - 2 Facts about Volunteer, the magnificent Yacht

2 Facts about Volunteer, the magnificent Yacht

The Volunteer is a famous racing yacht that was built in 1887 in the United States by Pusey and Jones, an exclusive construction company of racing yachts at Wilmington, Delaware for different cups that were made at the time including The America’s Cup one of the most prestigious competitions.

The company built yachts until the end of the Second World War when it halted its production with more than 500 yachts built.

The Volunteer is a yacht that has many curious facts in its history, and among the most outstanding and curious are:


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Its design was based on many yachts previously made, but only took the best of each one, for example, the Sloop yacht, took its centerboard, which is the fin that has the yacht in the bottom of his keel which gives it more stability and speed to it. Built of white pine.

It was purchased by General Charles J. Paine of the New York Yacht Club. This yacht is historic because it was the first ship to win an all steel frame and hull.


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It was built in 1886 and during its first year of construction in the competitions in the same New York Yacht Club defeated the Mayflower what placed it as the yacht that would represent the club in the America’s Cup of the following year.

In the races held in September of the America’s Cup, the Volunteer won all the races in which I participate so it became in the yacht champion of that year, with only one year of being built, was led by Captain H. Haff alongside Captains Berry, L. Jeffreys, and Terry during those races.

After his success in several races, the Volunteer was sold in 1891 to the millionaire John Malcolm Forbes, who even bought other famous yachts in the America’s Cup.

In 1893, the Volunteer yacht suffered an accident in Naushon Island, and Hadley’s Harbor, far away from Massachusetts’ coast where it collided with rocks on the shore. The yacht suffered a lot and could not be repaired for the race that would have in 1894, was rebuilt later and suffered another irreparable accident in New York in 1910.

The history of this is very interesting because of everything that happened and everything that achieved. The Volunteer is certainly a magnificent yacht.

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