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LVACWS Portsmouth is a renowned magazine with lots of experience in the world of yachts, water races, sailing, windsurfing, and everything related to water sports made in any part of the world, always making the best reports of this interesting world.

Water sports are the passion of many people but being sports that take place on beaches and coasts, it is complicated the realization of articles and printed reports on the results and everything that is talked about the various events, so Coleman Andersen came up with the great idea of creating an online magazine on everything related to the world of water sports and thus provide reporters with the work of publishing the news and news of aquatic motorsports.

With this idea, we have created a great team that makes all the reports and articles can reach anywhere in the world with the best quality and as fast as possible, which is an advantage over being a printed magazine and for which we decided to do one online. We always love to bring the best information to all our readers and always being a real information and reliable sources, always recognizing the best in this field of sport, as are the best teams of yacht racing or the best in the world of windsurfing, so everyone makes an effort to appear in our section, our magazine always releases updates and news so our editions leave periodically.