Legendary Days What Happened at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018 675x440 - Legendary Days - What Happened at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018?

Legendary Days – What Happened at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018?

In France, specifically in Cannes, for six days there is a great yacht festival, which is located in two prestigious docks of the city, which are the quays of Vieux Port, and Port Canto.

In this festival recognized to be exact, 542 brands seek to show their creations, especially many shipyards from other parts of the world such as Ferretti Group, Sanlorenzo, Azimut/Benetti Group, Princess Yachts, and Cantiere Delle Marche, all of them wait for thousands of Visitors, to be able to demonstrate all their power in the naval world.

Only For A Week

Between the days 11 and 16, the arrival and the sample of 682 boats of different sizes are expected, and according to the needs of the buyer and demonstrating a great variety of yachts, 122 exclusive never-seen-before yachts are expected, so that makes this festival a total first.

Solar-Panel-Supported Yachts Are Expected

solar panels expose - Legendary Days - What Happened at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018?

The most anticipated yacht for all was the new and more advanced Silent 55 for being an ecological yacht because it has a system of 30 solar panels in the entire length of the boat, which gives the boat energetic self-sufficiency.

All this allows you to travel at great speeds without the need to burn fuel. It has a variety of designs approximately 5, from 3 to 6 cabins, which makes it varied for the different personalities that want to acquire it, as it is a hybrid boat because it can be electric or driven by fuel. Trust us, it’s highly recommended.

This festival was completely a luxury and success, thousands of people attended and many brands achieved their mission by showing their best ships to all attendees, so you should be planning your visit for the next year and enjoy many more news and updates in this beautiful world of boats and yachts.

Race Village What You Need to Know about It 675x440 - Race Village - What You Need to Know about It

Race Village – What You Need to Know about It

The Race Village experience, a race sponsored by Volvo, in which hundreds of boats participate around the world demonstrating the power of their big boats with their fast engines on the coasts of a specific city, which has not yet been chosen by the Organizer committee.

But to be a great career has great expectations of lovers of the world of motor, and like every great guy who has had several years, there are different things that any career assistant should know.

Pits Everywhere

boats on parking - Race Village - What You Need to Know about It

One of those things is that all teams with their boats have pits, placed in the ports of the city chosen to make the race. But this year, the pits are built with the highest technology so that we can repair and address any problems to be present with the boats during the event.

This year there will be a small race mode for fans to enjoy a race driving a small boat in the city, to give fans a perspective of what each team does during a great race like this one.

Towers Giving Signal

lighthouse on shore - Race Village - What You Need to Know about It

In the host city, you can find four towers designated with the highest technology with classification tables showing how the race is going at the moment they see the table live, besides you will see that local events are available so you can enjoy them as well. You can also see a 3D map of the race so you know which circuit corresponds to each day.

The teams in each of its bases have a large room where fans can see and learn all day as a team moves on a boat or how they talk and runners are planned before and after each race. All this experience is called Pit Lane, something new to be implemented this year.

It’s Possible to Visit the Boats before Betting on Them

sea port yachts harbor 1024x679 - Race Village - What You Need to Know about It

Fans can enter the boats during their stay in the city, while the boat is docked at the dock, all this is done so that the fans feel more included during the realization of these events and always at all times are comfortable with what is being done.

By watching first-hand all the details of the boat and its crew, it’s possible to build a play bet with all the information gathered, and win some money basing yourself on stats, as any sports betting system does.

In the heart of the race you will find a “Globo” in which between each race you can go and you can see the race from there, besides being able to learn a little more about an awareness campaign announced by the organizing committee that tries to generate a good work trying to show attendees certain tips that would help take care of the planet a little more.

This great event promises to generate a lot of excitement and much enjoyment to its assistants, so any lover of water motor vehicles would like to attend this race, which is expected to attend 2.4 million people, so you should go and enjoy this beautiful event.

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Burn Those Tickets – 4 Facts about the LVACWS

If you really like luxuries, you are a hard-core fan of waves, and you’d like to travel this year with all your family and they want to have different things to do in a completely new country thus you cannot miss the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series.

You can enjoy the amazing races through these performances full of stylishness like those of Louis Vuitton since a bunch of years ago.

Louis Vuitton Made It All Happen

luxury luxury license shopping shop - Burn Those Tickets - 4 Facts about the LVACWS

Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World is a series of high-performance yachts racing which takes place in different lakes with the freshest waters all over the world where sailors excel their abilities on water and waves. A spectacle using talent up that we can be amazed at, for sure.

Among freshwaters around the world, it is Lake Michigan the one chosen to be the first area hosting America’s Cup racing. Chicago’s lakefront has a lot to offer us with its amazing view and freshwater, giving us a delighting viewing of the races.

Chicago Was Selected

chicago illinois lake michigan - Burn Those Tickets - 4 Facts about the LVACWS

Chicago is renowned as the Windy City, wind helps the sailors but at the same time can play against them, and it really depends on how strong the currents of wind are, because if it is a slight breeze the spectators can enjoy a delicious climate, as well, a slight breeze in winter can easily become a tornado and it would be really dramatic.

It All Started Back In The 1800s

bay blue boat boats 1024x678 - Burn Those Tickets - 4 Facts about the LVACWS

Once upon in time, in 1851, Queen Victoria was watching one of the sailing races when suddenly a sailing ship named America took the lead on the Royal Yacht being in first place and winning the race.

In front of such a surprising thing, Queen Victoria called one of her assistants to tell her who was in second place, the answer she got was: “Your Majesty, there is no second place”.

This remarkable phrase is still the best description of the America’s Cup and it strongly emphasizes the looking forward to the excellence and almost perfection of the Louis Vuitton America’s World Cup final result.

Big Goals

This big achievement was more than just a race, was a perfect demonstration that the United States could give more and even win the Royal Yacht Squadron’s 100 Guinea Cup.

Nevertheless, it was a big step for the young New York Yacht Club to the world recognizes them as one of the most important sailors in the world, adding that the triumph symbolized an enormous victory for new times over the old ones.

They were taken a stance as a maritime power since then, and of course like a stack of winners who have positioned themselves in the history for the rest of the times, thanks to their effort and commitment over years.

2 Facts about Volunteer the magnificent Yacht 675x440 - 2 Facts about Volunteer, the magnificent Yacht

2 Facts about Volunteer, the magnificent Yacht

The Volunteer is a famous racing yacht that was built in 1887 in the United States by Pusey and Jones, an exclusive construction company of racing yachts at Wilmington, Delaware for different cups that were made at the time including The America’s Cup one of the most prestigious competitions.

The company built yachts until the end of the Second World War when it halted its production with more than 500 yachts built.

The Volunteer is a yacht that has many curious facts in its history, and among the most outstanding and curious are:


yacht fort lauderdale florida - 2 Facts about Volunteer, the magnificent Yacht

Its design was based on many yachts previously made, but only took the best of each one, for example, the Sloop yacht, took its centerboard, which is the fin that has the yacht in the bottom of his keel which gives it more stability and speed to it. Built of white pine.

It was purchased by General Charles J. Paine of the New York Yacht Club. This yacht is historic because it was the first ship to win an all steel frame and hull.


marina yacht water sea boat - 2 Facts about Volunteer, the magnificent Yacht

It was built in 1886 and during its first year of construction in the competitions in the same New York Yacht Club defeated the Mayflower what placed it as the yacht that would represent the club in the America’s Cup of the following year.

In the races held in September of the America’s Cup, the Volunteer won all the races in which I participate so it became in the yacht champion of that year, with only one year of being built, was led by Captain H. Haff alongside Captains Berry, L. Jeffreys, and Terry during those races.

After his success in several races, the Volunteer was sold in 1891 to the millionaire John Malcolm Forbes, who even bought other famous yachts in the America’s Cup.

In 1893, the Volunteer yacht suffered an accident in Naushon Island, and Hadley’s Harbor, far away from Massachusetts’ coast where it collided with rocks on the shore. The yacht suffered a lot and could not be repaired for the race that would have in 1894, was rebuilt later and suffered another irreparable accident in New York in 1910.

The history of this is very interesting because of everything that happened and everything that achieved. The Volunteer is certainly a magnificent yacht.

2 Giant Yachts Everyone Should Be Aware Of 675x440 - 2 Giant Yachts Everyone Should Be Aware Of

2 Giant Yachts Everyone Should Be Aware Of

In the world, there are amazing giants yachts of which many people should be attentive because they are yachts or boats with special things, which make them unique compared to other millions that exist throughout the world.

All these yachts were designed and built in 2018 and the main characteristic of each of them is that they are giant yachts. Each year a top of the best is chosen boats of each year, which has become a tradition, so here is a list of giant yachts everyone should be aware of:

Project 146

With a measure of 146 meters, it became one of the best yachts, what happens is that this yacht does not have its own name because it is a project of the Lürssen company, it is completely secret and a date has not been planned yet, is among the top 20 of the top, and is expected to reach the top 10 by the end of the year.

Project Thunder

With a measure of 135 meters being one of the most observed of this year, it is already a finished yacht, it is giant and is part of the fleet of the Lürssen company, it has large amounts of glass in its construction, which breaks all the paradigms, also has an internal heliport something super luxurious and exclusive for famous personalities.

Betting Is Possible To Do On Them

man holds 10 u s dollar banknote 1024x678 - 2 Giant Yachts Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Even though this sport is pretty luxurious by itself, it’s also possible to make more money out of it by spending some money on betting at the regattas and sailing races (full details: So, don’t worry and look for a trusty broker to have your bet being secure until the end. Have fun and earn some cash along the way.

These two yachts are the main ones, but there are many more that are part of this list, a curiosity is that both are part of the company Lürssen which is becoming a power in the construction of this type of yacht.

The Most Important Regatta Sailing for the Royals 675x440 - The Most Important Regatta - Sailing for the Royals

The Most Important Regatta – Sailing for the Royals

There are thousands of boats, yachts, and regattas in the world, but very few are those who move around the world personalities, which use this type of vehicle, to move from one place to another and at the same time enjoy the sea and small vacation while you reach the desired destination.

In this case, we talk about The Royal Regatta, a regatta that is part of the fleet of royal ships of the United Kingdom, which is used by the kings to travel and vacation in them.

The Fleet Dates Back From The 1800s

adventure beach boat clouds 1024x540 - The Most Important Regatta - Sailing for the Royals

Its construction dates from the 1890s, it was mainly placed as a sports boat of the time, introduced as a regatta in the year 1896 in the first modern Olympic games, all this made it a very desirable and beautiful boat for the time, so that the kings took it for their personal fleet from that moment to the present, always working as a faithful transport on the sea.

In this beautiful regatta the royalty has spent great moments during all these years, these great ship are usually used during the Olympic Games around the world, so it has known much of the world.

The Kings Are Always There For a Day

king on red - The Most Important Regatta - Sailing for the Royals

In this regatta the kings stay for the day, even within it they deliver medals to certain athletes of certain categories in specific, for example in 2012 King Constantine II of Greece handed the gold, silver and bronze medals to the winning athletes of the laser sailing race.

That same year, the kings of England, observed the final of the race of the Paralympics Games of the same year, were accompanied by the kings Constantine, Vice Admiral Laurence, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, and Princess Anne attended the Race of the Medal of Men Finn in a candle, where they also gave the medal to the winners.

Medals Were Given To the Princes

medals on table - The Most Important Regatta - Sailing for the Royals

The Princes at the time of receiving the command of the ship, also received a medal to commemorate this moment, the medal is the order of the dragon of navigation, which is a medal that is part of the Olympic Committee for what is an international medal that represents the navigation all over the world.

The royal families of all Europe have used this boat, either for a holiday, as transport to go mostly for the Olympic Games around the world, the monarchies of Germany, Wales, Switzerland, Britannia, among other large countries have used yachts.

King Olav V Asked For Permission to Use One of the Yachts

The United Kingdom, lend the ship to the Norwegian royal family, specifically to King Olav V, who used the ship to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928, in which his nephew and heir to the former King George were in charge.

Many members of this family also attended Vela events but they were in the years 1964, 1968 and 1972, in other ships, and until now the king’s nephews participated in the Olympic Games of London 2012.

The Spanish family also participates in sailing events, also obtaining the Dragon Class in the 1972 Olympic Games, involving two sons of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.

The famous royal regatta has been an iconic ship for the world of European navigation, for all the wonderful history it has had over the years, is currently active after more than 100 years of its construction, so it is a ship that over the years has been restored, there are many more ships in the world, researching a little more you can know about them.

October Skies Huntington Beach Airshow 2018 675x440 - October Skies - Huntington Beach Airshow 2018

October Skies – Huntington Beach Airshow 2018

Usually, the United States is a country that loves everything related to the military world, and among which the aviation military parades, in which an airshow is carried out, with part of its fleet to commemorate something specific. In this case, it is the Huntington Beach airshow.

Huntington Beach Is a Magical Place

In Huntington Beach, the third aircraft sample will be made, on October 19, 20 and 21, by demonstrating a large part of the United States’ air fleet including the Douglas and the C47USAF Thunderbirds.

Besides, the Blackstone Airways, Michael Wiskus- Lucas Oil Aerobatics, Fed Ex 757, Orange County Sheriff’s Rescue Demo, and Huntington Beach PD rescue Demo, were also there at the event as an aircraft representative of this area of the country, helps society when natural disasters occur, very special aircraft sample for all the people who will observe it.

Thousands of People Are Expected

rio at the copacabana - October Skies - Huntington Beach Airshow 2018

It is expected that thousands of people attend to watch the show, since it is one of the favorite activities of the Americans because it is part of the military theme.

You can avoid the attending crowd bothering you if you have a boat since it will be on the coast and you can see the whole parade from the water. So, if you have the possibilities, it is also expected to start at noon, because it is an appropriate time to observe an air parade with sunlight at a good point.

For all this, it is recommended to go with protection for the sun and finally it is recommended to enjoy the show a lot.